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ATA Tigers

Thank you for the wonderful job you do teaching the kids about having respect for themselves, others and their surroundings! Andrew has learned a lot in the last month and has really started to take more responsibility for himself. I would like to nominate Andrew for a Victory Star because he has started opening the Jeep door on his own. It is hard for him to open and before he would just give up. Now he braces himself (and sometimes yells ATA!) and gets the door open. He also has been more helpful around the house, speaks up and does not whine, and gets himself dressed every morning.   Sarah


John enjoys the games that the Tigers play during class. He is learning how to memorize and making new friends. Recently John participated in his first tournament at the age of six. He was thrilled to receive a trophy, as all Tigers do for participation, and proudly displays it in his room. John is learning skills like self-control and how to listen that will translate into all aspects of his day and life.   Tim & Christie


Karate for Kids

This is Jacob’s third year with Triumph Martial Arts. We have been impressed with the Taekwondo class as both physical strength and strength of character are emphasized. Jacob has grown in confidence and self-esteem as he has progressed through different belt levels. We appreciate the teachers. They are excellent and encourage the students to do and be their best. We highly recommend Triumph Martial Arts!   Lonnie & Jeanne


Brady is a typical seven year-old boy, rambunctious with a fairly short attention span. I was so amazed when he started Karate for Kids how attentive and focused he could be! We have tried a few different sports and group activities, but this class is the one he truly looks forward to each week. He sets goals for himself in regards to learning his form and one-steps and to this point has reached them all. Practicing outside of class is fun! He has even labeled a shelf in his closet “Belts” for all his belts he has earned so far. The instructors have been amazing not only with Brady, but with all the kids. The mix of fun and firmness is just the right balance.   Mia


While in Taekwondo Brian has learned to concentrate on moves and forms, which has helped in his school lessons. He is focused on what is in front of him instead of daydreaming.  Tim & Charina


As parents, Jamie and I both feel that participating in martial arts has been a positive experience for our daughter. Lauren’s confidence in herself has grown as she masters new moves. Lauren has gained self-discipline as she practices each week. We are impressed with how the class is conducted. Instructors and students all display respect toward one another by using “Yes sir! Yes ma’am!” during class. Lauren really enjoys Taekwondo and plans to keep working toward her black belt. - Mark & Jamie


Adult Martial Arts

I joined classes for the exercise and because it has always been of interest to me. What I’ve learned is that my mind is being exercised as well as my body. In 2 1/2 months of training I can already feel increased strength and flexibility. I have participated in my first tournament, earning two first place trophies, and am ready to test for my next belt rank. There is nothing boring about classes with Triumph Martial Arts.   Christie


Self Defense & Safety Training

The self-defense training was fun and energetic I had fun learning how to protect and prepare myself for a situation that I hope will never come. I learned that self-defense is not just about physically defending myself; it is also about being aware of the way I could be perceived by a possible attacker. I need to be alert, confident and aware of my surroundings at all times. I would recommend this class to anyone, and insist on it for those I love.  Meagan, Pella Corporation


The self-defense tips and tricks Matt taught the group would be very effective if you are ever put in a bad situation and are simple to remember. He made the class fun and exciting! I feel safer knowing I have an idea of how to defend myself. Laura, Pella Corporation


I travel frequently by myself for business trips, so this was the perfect training for me. The simple tips that Matt reviewed in the self-defense course are easy to remember if you ever do become a target for assault. I feel confident I could use the moves if I ever needed to defend myself. More importantly, he gives great advice on how to never put yourself in a position to become a victim!   Molly, Pella Corporation


Thank you for sharing your skills at our GEMS Camp. The girls - and counselors - had a great time learning. One group of girls even used (the training) in their skit on Friday evening!   GEMS Camp Committee


Thank you for teaching self-defense techniques to the library staff. They really enjoyed the class and felt that it was worthwhile. Obviously we all hope we don’t have to use what you taught us, but we are happy to have gained the knowledge. We appreciate your time and your patience. It was fun!   Pella Public Library


Thank you for a great program on Saturday. I work with lots of different program providers, and I was very impressed with your organization, promptness and delivery of the program!   Newton Public Library


Thank you so much for coming in and teaching our students. You are such a good teacher and we appreciate you and your delivery of the program!   Miss Mabie & the 8th grade classes at Pella Christian Schools






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